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Fiberglass Doors and Frames

Fiberglass doors and frames are best known for meeting the special needs of schools and universities —long lasting, abuse tolerant, and also easy to clean and maintain. In addition, our monumental, aluminum, AMP and FRP doors are resistant to water and chemicals. These performance attributes combined with our customization capabilities make fiberglass entrances ideal for applications with corrosive environments, heavy use, extreme abuse or that require special branding consideration, unequal pairs, unique configurations and other unique design considerations.


Monumental Doors are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice design flexibility when selecting a heavy-duty aluminum stile and rail door. Our monumental doors allow you to create the open and inviting full-vision entrance you want to welcome the public, while providing the functionality, security and long service life you require.

They’re ideally suited for educational, institutional, commercial, or religious facility entrances subjected to high traffic. Whether you choose the SL-14 Medium Stile or SL-15 Wide Stile, the best value in a durable full-vision door is the Special-Lite Monumental Door.

Maintenance-free surfaces keep doors looking new. The attractive and durable surface of our monumental doors never needs painting, cannot rust, and will keep its new-like appearance indefinitely with only routine cleaning with mild soap and water.

Flush Aluminum

When aesthetic considerations are as important as ease of maintenance and long life, Special-Lite® SL-16 Aluminum Flush Doors are the perfect answer. They provide an attractive, easy-care option for applications where reduced glass area is desired, but only moderate abuse tolerance is required. They offer excellent design flexibility and feature an elegant, contemporary look that’s particularly well suited for commercial, educational, restaurant and retail facility applications subjected to moderate to heavy traffic.

Challenging environmental conditions such as high humidity or corrosive chemicals that quickly destroy hollow metal doors are not a problem for our SL-16. This makes it the ideal choice for water and waste water treatment plants and industrial facilities. It is also available with stainless steel face sheets (SL-16SS) for sanitary environments such as hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens, and in smaller sizes with closed top and bottom rails (SL-165) for bathroom and shower stall doors.

FRP Doors

FRP doors were designed to meet the extreme demands of the school market. FRP doors offer trouble-free performance and long-lasting beauty in the most challenging interior and exterior entrance applications. Remarkably durable, they can withstand heavy traffic, abuse, or adverse environmental conditions—and continue to look like new for many years. Unlike metal or wood doors, they will never rust, corrode, crack, split, peel, or rot. With FRP face sheets the color goes through so scratches won’t be obvious. When you consider total lifecycle cost, FRP Flush Doors are the first choice for lasting value.

AMP Flush

AMP Flush Doors provide the attractive appearance of wood, without the disadvantages of real wood. AMP Doors can’t warp, split, peel or rot, and don’t require periodic refinishing. The AMP (Acrylic-Modified Polyester) surface offers a degree of resistance to stains, scuffs and impacts that would easily damage wood. It’s also unaffected by the elements and humid environments, and offers good cleanability.

AMP Flush Doors are available as the SL-18 Colonial Door, a classic 6-panel style door designed to meet the aesthetic considerations of Georgian and Colonial style architecture, and the SL-19 Wood Grain Door.

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