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Raynor Trademark

With durable 24 ga steel, woodgrain textures and defined raised panel embossments, the Trademark model door gives any home a refined curb appeal. Dress it up with a ranch panel, hand-picked windows or add a little flair with the carriage house design.

Trademark Brochure

Product Details:

Available 6’6″ through 10’0″ in three inch increments.
Available 4’0″ through 20’0″ in one inch increments.
24-Gauge Galvanized Steel
Section Thickness
Surface Texture
Embossed Woodgrain
Optional Expanded Polystyrene
Section Joint Seal
Thermal Break
Door Designs
Colonial, Ranch, Carriage House
White, Claytone, Almond, Dark Brown, and BronzeTone
ArmorFinish Laminate Finish
White and Almond
Snap-In Windows
Colonial Styles: Plain Colonial, Stockton, Cascade, Sunburst, Cathedral, Sherwood
Ranch Styles: Plain Ranch, StockBridge, Stockton, Cascade, Sunburst, Prairie, Arched Stockton, Sunray (2-car only)
Galvanized Steel Track
Wind Load
Section Warranty
Limited Lifetime Rust-Through
Hardware/Springs Warranty
Hardware: 5-year
Springs: 3-year


TradeMark garage door sections are constructed from high-strength, rust-resistant galvanized steel and are coated with a baked-on polyester paint finish for extended life.

Track formed from strong galvanized steel, paired with durable, long-wearing steel rollers ensures smooth, quiet operation.

An energy-saving core of polystyrene insulation provides added comfort and helps keep your garage quieter. Shown at left with insulation core and without.

Section Joints:
Strong, roll-formed tongue-and-groove meeting rails seal out wind, rain, and snow, keeping your garage dry and secure.

Exterior Texture:
Authentic woodgrain texture on the garage door's exterior adds visual appeal.

Tamper Proof Cable Attachment:
The tamper-resistant counter-balance cable attachment cannot be released while the cable is under tension, helping prevent injuries or accidents.

Bottom vinyl weatherseal running the length of the garage door helps protect your garage against the elements.

Design / Colors

Choose from distinctive Colonial, Ranch, or Carriage House panel styles with an authentic woodgrain texture.

Available Colors:
AlmondDark Brown, BrozeTone and White

Colors swatches may vary due to monitor type and display settings. To view actual color swatches, contact your Raynor dealer.

Carriage House Panel Options

The Carriage House panel option is available in widths of 8', 9', 10', 16' and 18' and in white, claytone or almond. Add character to your garage door with attractive decorative face hardware in either Bean or Fleur-de-lis handles or straps.


The black matte powdercoated straps and handles are designed to appear hand-forged adding an historically-accurate dimensional quality to your door. Choose from handles and straps with Bean or Fleur-de-lis designs.


Available Designs:

     1car       2car

1-car Colonial    2-car Colonial

     1carranch       2carranch

1-car Ranch      2-car Ranch

     1carCarriage       2carCarriage

1-car Carriage House 2-car Carriage House

1-car garage doors shown in 8'x7' configuration.

2-car garage doors shown in 16'x7' configuration.

Error: Only up to 6 widgets are supported in this layout. If you need more add your own layout.
Error: Only up to 6 widgets are supported in this layout. If you need more add your own layout.